Treaty 8 Acknowledgement

In the late 80’s a collective group of individuals from the following nations Saulteaux, West Moberly, Halfway, Doig, Blueberry, Prophet and Fort Nelson all gathered together to create the Treaty 8 Tribal Association.

The Treaty 8 Tribal Association office is located in Fort St John in Northeastern BC. Its membership consists of Chiefs and Councils from each nation to discuss many different issues as a collective.

The numbered Treaties in Canada were signed over a period of decades across much of this nation. The Treaties were signed not in culmination of war, but as a formation and certainty of peace, friendship and to continue a way of life.

Treaty No. 8 was signed on June 21, 1899. The treaty covers 840,000 km2 across 3 provinces and the Northwest Territories. The treaty’s promises were based on peace, friendship, and the Nations’ ability to continue their way of life “For as long as the Sun Shines, the Grass Grows and the Rivers Flow”.

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