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Keepers of the Caribou

West Moberly First Nations and Saulteau First Nations are dedicated to helping caribou survive in our traditional territory.  The Nations have worked together to stop the Klinse-Za caribou herd from going extinct by protecting cows and calves from predators during the calving season.


 To guard the caribou pen 24hrs/d during work shift: every 8-day shift conducted by one community is followed by a second 8-day shift conducted by the alternate community with one day of overlap usually on Mondays where overlap between crews shall not be less than 4hrs. Leaving site for non-emergency reasons is not permitted. March through July. 


  • Timely communication of potential issues (e.g., predators, fence conditions, animal health, etc)
  • Actions as required to mitigate impact of predator related issues in a 2km buffer
  • Care and proper maintenance of the pen and camp site including equipment. Keep area clean.
  • Potentially assisting others in the collection of data (e.g., antler drop dates, fecal pellets, etc)

 Daily/Twice Daily

  • Sweeps around the exterior of the pen to check for sign of predators, holes in the pen structure, trees that may compromise the pen structure, and proper operation of the electrical fence
  • Feeding of the penned caribou with terrestrial lichens and/or pelleted food
  • Contact with the project manager to communicate results of caribou and pen inspections
  • Observation of caribou from an observation tower to ensure all animals are present and to collect observations of individual health status
  • Inspection of, and if necessary, adjustment of, weigh-scales and trail cameras
  • Completion of hardcopy data forms to record all observations about the penned caribou and the pen
  • Actions as required to reduce or eliminate human use of the area of Mt. Rochfort


  • Sourcing of camp groceries, caribou forage lichens and pelleted food, and other supplies necessary for an 8-day work session; sourcing for firewood as needed
  • Sweeps around the pen perimeter on the inside to check for holes in the pen structure or for possible hazards


  • Valid BC driver’s license, and access to a vehicle for travel to and from the pen site
  • FAC and proficiency in the use of a firearm; also, a firearm needed for protection against bears, wolves, cougars, lynx, wolverines and other predators
  • Level 1 First Aid or higher
  • Training in the use of radios, Spot messenger, InReach, Sat phones
  • Training in the use of remote telemetry equipment, and trail cameras
  • Training in the maintenance of electric fence including but not limited to:
    • Trimming vegetation
    • Fixing broken wires or wires rendered ineffective due to unintended grounding
    • Removing debris that may have fallen on the fence
  • Training in the proper use of all data collection forms

Additional Info

  • Application Cut Off Date: Monday, 24 February 2020
  • Position Start Date: Monday, 09 March 2020
  • Position Type: Permanent
  • Expected Hours: Contract
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