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Dawson Creek AIS Station

Dawson Creek AIS station:


  • The station has traditionally been operated from May until the end of August.
  • A 4-person team is typically in place, which allows for 7-day coverage at 10-hour shifts, plus a half hour for lunch.
  • These typically occur between 09:00-19:30.
  • Staff normally start their shift at the FLNRO/COS warehouse in Dawson Creek where they collect their work truck, decontamination unit and operational equipment.  They then drive to the Alberta border.
  • The AIS station is at a pull-out on the north side of The Spirit River Hwy (Hwy 49) approximately 2km west of the Alberta border.  This is approximately 40km from Dawson Creek. 
  • There is a Fas Gas station on the BC side of the BC-Alberta Border.
  • There is a locked outhouse at the AIS station for the exclusive use of AIS staff.
  • Position is a STO 15 at $28.00/hr







Additional Info

  • Application Cut Off Date: Monday, 04 April 2022
  • Position Start Date: Monday, 02 May 2022
  • Position Type: Temporary
  • Expected Hours: Full Time
  • Email Application To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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