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Manager, Family Services

Job Title

Manager, Family Services

Reports To

Director of Health

Direct Reports

  • Youth Program Facilitators (x2)
  • Family Support Worker (x2)
  • Custodian 

Saulteau First Nations Mission

We strive to be the Best Governed Nation, one that is proud, culturally strong, and self-sufficient. As stewards of the land, we will ensure that the best sustainable practices are followed, now and in the future. We remain proudly determined. 

Job Purpose

The Manager, Family Services is responsible for the management of employees at the Youth Centre. Our programs and delivery of services are aimed at enhancing the health and well-being of SFN’s children, youth, adults and elders, through clinical and non-clinical avenues. Our Youth Centre is intended to host youth programming that is for all Chetwynd Youth to attend and participate. This role will also be responsible for the implementation of Bill C-92 within Saulteau First Nations. This new legislation establishes national principles to guide the provision of Indigenous child and family services. It gives Indigenous communities the right to create their own child and family policies and laws with the aim of reducing the number of indigenous children in care and keep them in their communities.

Program Purpose

The intent of the Family Support Services department is to provide support to our community, children, and families. This is done by providing aid, advice, cultural teachings, life skills, and tools to aid families with the necessary parenting support to allow their children to live and grow in a healthy home environment. It is our belief that the teaching of culture in all aspects of our programs will enrich the lives of the community and provide a basis for success as families. This program is largely funded by the MCFD, with children being our main focus.  The Youth Centre is a small cohesive team of individuals who work collaboratively to build and foster relationships with the community, to provide family support, and invite all youth to attend a safe and inviting environment.

Program and Services Administration

  • Participate, on behalf of the Nation, in the required proceedings for Bill C-92. This includes substantial travel to required government meetings (Vancouver/Ottawa), sitting at the government tables as a representative of Saulteau First Nations and actively participating in government negotiations.
  • advise Chief and Council of the nation on legislative changes and updates, legal processes, and provide successful implementation strategies with regards to Bill C-92
  • Develops and implements all facets of programming from service development to delivery. This includes proposal writing, planning, budgeting, implementation, evaluation, and report writing.
  • Ensures staff are properly maintaining client files and documentation in an appropriate and accountable manner according to established standards.
  • Ensures consistency of quality, accountability and high standards in all programs and services - both client support and education. This includes providing training for staff and developing procedures, models, and comprehensive frameworks of delivery.
  • Prepares and monitors budgets for all arms of the Family Support Services Department, ensuring compliance with agreements and completing required reporting.
  • Maintains accurate and complete statistical records, both qualitative and quantitative, for all programs and services within the department, providing funders with comprehensive details on programs offered.
  • To develop and monitor an annual budget. Be accountable for all program and service expenditures, completing appropriate reporting to funders.
  • Advise Chief and Council through the Director of Operations about programs and policies appropriate to the mandate of SFN.
  • Actively participate in the management team of SFN, attending meetings regularly and bringing forward successes achieved, or any issues for discussion and decision.
  • Maintains appropriate fiscal controls to ensure all programs are within the scope of the annual budget. Have a clear understanding of budgets and promptly report any variances.
  • Develops individual work plans for the Family Support Services Department to align with SFN values, and strategy.
  • Ensures consistent and meaningful evaluation of all programs and services is conducted to assess their impact and success and to make needed changes and improvements as indicated.


Management of all Programming and Services

  • Oversee and provide guidance to the team, whilst ensuring that Youth Facilitators and Family Support Workers are all included in the program planning.
  • Ensuring that all Programming is based on current market research and therefore relevant and beneficial to the community needs.
  • Ensuring that Programming offered by SFN in Chetwynd at our Youth Centre, do not compete with similar programming offered in surrounding areas, but rather work with other agencies to combine, supplement, and exceed.
  • Access all employees and ensure that they are properly trained and have all the education and resources available to successfully deliver programming.
  • Oversees and develops all policy and procedures concerning these programs and services.
  • Programs and services include but are not limited to.
  • Family development and inclusion.
  • Youth development and inclusion.
  • Community well being and inclusion.
  • Spiritual & traditional knowledge via cultural teachings and programming.
  • Holistic case management services.
  • Monitors the evolution of holistic case management services including basic needs, life skills services, training supports, cultural rediscovery activities, recreational, and other collateral issues/developments.
  • Ensures INAC policies are adhered to and administered as they relate to Family Support Program.
  • Oversees the services which have been developed for Saulteau First Nations (SFN) community members who have been referred by the MCFD or to families who are providing care to children living out of care.
  • Ensure that programming schedule allows for MCFD supervised visits and client meetings in the Youth Centre building.

Management of Program Staff 

  • Responsible for hiring, orientation and supervision of staff, including training and supervision of all practicum staff.
  • Conducts regular performance appraisals with the team, providing constructive feedback and direction to improvement whilst offering additional training if needed.
  • Provides positive leadership to all staff, encouraging a team approach, professional attitude, personal wellness, and good management - staff relations, always modeling best practices in this regard.
  • Works to bring the team together regularly to discuss and evaluate all services and to ensure all clients have an avenue to access service information.
  • Keep track of and manage employees time and schedules as per program or services requirements.
  • Coordinating and scheduling which employees would be on call, managing flex schedule employees, and employees maintaining regular work hours, ensuring that employees have adequate rest between work hours. 

Department Management

  • Manages expenditures within budget for all Programs, Services, Supplies and Staff.
  • Develops an annual department operating plan in accordance with funding agreements and in alignment with SFN strategic plan.
  • Provides quarterly reports to the Director of Operations on departmental progress in the above areas.
  • Develops an annual budget to monitor expenditure.
  • Be accountable for all program and service expenditures, completing appropriate reporting to funders.
  • Advises the Chief and Council through the Director of Health about programs and policies appropriate to the mandate of SFN.
  • Actively participant in the management team of SFN, attending meetings regularly and advising of departmental successes, and advice of any pressing issues for discussion and decision.

Other Related Duties

  • Participates actively as a SFN representative in collaborative partner networks and in related community activities.
  • Participate in all SFN sponsored community events and/or designate staff.

Ideal Qualifications and Skills

  • Bachelor of Social Work, with a minimum of three (3) years’ management experience or exceptional proven programming experience.
  • Knowledge of the Ministry of Children and Family Development system/services
  • Knowledge of Saulteau First Nations Community, Family dynamics and surrounding areas knowledge would be very advantageous.
  • Knowledge and experience in planning, development and implementation of culturally appropriate programs and community-based service delivery.
  • Experience with computers and familiar with Word Processing, Spreadsheets, database management and other office programs.
  • Experience working with Federal and local government agencies that deal with Children and Families Programs is an asset.
  • Knowledge of developing Societies and not for profit organizations is an asset.
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety requirements and responsibilities.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality and knowledge of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.
  • Ability to build trust; serve as a positive role model and maintain confidentiality.
  • Ability to solve problems, make effective decisions in critical situations, resolve conflicts and manage time effectively.
  • Has excellent oral and written communication skills, plus strong negotiation skills.
  • Ability to solve problems, make effective decisions in critical situations, resolve conflicts, and manage time effectively.
  • Emergency and suicide prevention training is an asset.
  • First Aid, CPR-C.
  • Valid Food Safe
  • Ability to build trust, serve as a positive role model and maintain confidentiality.
  • Valid BC Driver’s License.
  • Ability to pass a Criminal Records Check.
  • Ability to speak Cree would be an asset.

Work Conditions

  • Frequent travel within SFN community and greater North Peace community.
  • Short-term provincial and/or national travel may be required.
  • Available on weekends and evenings to assist with programming as required.
  • Office work is primarily during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursdays, and part day Fridays, while some program delivery may be on evenings or weekends.

Wage Range

  • $73,390 to $101,920 annually depending on qualifications and experience



Additional Info

  • Application Cut Off Date: Sunday, 25 February 2024
  • Position Start Date: Monday, 04 March 2024
  • Position Type: Permanent
  • Expected Hours: Full Time
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