Capital & Infrastructure

As a team, it is our commitment to ensure that members of Saulteau First Nations have quality services available. The services that we provide to the SFN community include; maintaining and clearing roads, ensuring that the water system is working properly, garbage collection.

ISC (INAC) Services

MTSA - Municipal Type Services Agreement:

Moberly Lake Volunteer Fire Department

annual fee for fire protection services

Garbage Collection

services provided by SFN

Recycling Services

are provided by Chetwynd Recycling Depot. Bins are located next to the Lands office.

PRRD Agreement (Peace River Regional District)

This includes…
  • 911 Emergency Services – this service is provided by PRRD for Emergency Services
  • Solid Waste Services – Garbage & Landfill Fees

Road Maintenance & Snow Removal for the main roads

  • Lakeview Subdivisions Phase 1 & 2, Onion Ring Subdivision Phase 1 & 2, a portion of the Muskochees Subdivision, and the Civic Core.
  • Private Driveways are not covered by ISC/INAC

Hydro Costs for the following

  • Streetlights
  • Hydro for the Main Pumphouses & Band Well
  • Pemmican Grounds
  • Band Shop

Signs for the Community

  • 911 Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Any sign that is considered for safety.

Public Services:

Garbage Collection

Garbage pickup is twice per week in the community

  • All garbage must be contained properly in a plastic bag.
  • As per PRRD Regulations, we are unable to pick up the following;
    • Animal Carcasses/Bones/Meat
    • Leaves, or any type of Lawn Debris
    • Lumber
    • No Kitty Litter
    • If there is a threat of dogs, garbage will not be picked up at this location

Water System

The Public Works Manager ensures that the water system is running properly, taking samples weekly to ensure the quality of the water is above average, these samples are shipped immediately to Prince George where they are tested for bacteria, ecoli, etc. If samples come back below average the water is re-tested and it is The Public Works Manager’s responsibility to find out why the water sample came back below average. When there are issues in the water system, such as a loss of pressure, whether it is a broken pipe or line the team will work until the job is complete and the water is up and running again.

Recycling Bins

Recycling Bins are available beside the Lands building. Recycling services are provided by Chetwynd Recycling Depot, they are scheduled to come and empty the bins twice per month.

Snow Removal

  • Main Highways cleared by Contractors
  • Private Driveways cleared by SFN Suppliers