Social Development

Social Development Social Development Vision:

An inclusive, Holistic and culturally-based social development system under First Nations jurisdiction and control that builds healthy, safe and sustainable communities.

Programs Include:

Income Assistance

“The Income Assistance program vision is one in which individuals and families have access to a nationally complementary program supports that will strengthen their well-being.”

Low Income Family Immediate Needs

“Low Income Family Immediate Needs initiative is one in which children and families benefit from complementary program supports that will strengthen their well-being.”

Assisted Living

“To provide a comprehensive continuum of care ranging from home support to higher levels of care in a variety of physical environments within communities”

Family Violence Prevention Program

“The Family Violence Prevention Program is culturally relevant and uses a collaborative approach to enhance and enrich programming to ensure healthy, safe families and sustainable communities.”

First Nations Child and Family Services

“First Nations Communities and agencies actively working together to provide access to community resources and services that support the safe, healthy development of children and youth within their families and cultural community”