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Moberly Lake, British Columbia

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Respectfully Working Together for a Brighter Tomorrow

Culturally Strong and Self Sufficient

Our Elders

Saulteau Elder

Elders taught us education is key to a vibrant sustainable future.

Our Elders

Saulteau members

We are over 1000 band members strong.

Our History

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Residents of Moberly Lake, B.C. since 1900’s.

Our Elders

Saulteau members in traditional clothing

We ensure our history & traditions are passed down to our youth.

Our Land

canoe on lake shore

We welcome all respectful citizens to our traditional territory.

Our Community

Saulteau woman and child hugging

Leaders in Governance to support our community now and in the future.

Our Vision

The Best Governed Nation

We, the Saulteau First Nations, will strive to be the Best Governed Nation, one that is proud, culturally strong and self-sufficient. As stewards of the land we will ensure that the best sustainable practices are followed, now and in the future.
Saulteau Nation member standing by lakes and mountains
Saulteau Nation member cutting through bush
Saulteau Nation Member standing in lake

Saulteau First Nations Group of Companies

  • Clear, Effective Communication

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  • Effective Policy & Governance

    Saulteau Nation Member Talking
  • Holistic Well-being

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  • Sound Financial Management

    Saulteau Nation Members Receiving A Donation Cheque
  • Infrastructure & Facility Investments

    Entrance to Saulteau Nation Offices