A message from the Mistahiya team

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It’s a New Year!  And what a beginning to this year we have had. 

Cory Martens landed at his first day in the store on January 4th, looked around and thought oh my, there is a lot to be done”.  Indeed, there was a lot to be done, and there still is - but what a team! 

Cory, Sean, Jesse, Lana, Nathan, Sarah and Meghan have all been working incredibly hard to get North Wind Supplies open.  They have done everything from sweeping floors, to building websites, to talking to potential customers. 

While we were wanting to be open for February 1st, there’s potential for improvement before opening North Wind Supplies, even after the mountains of work we have completed since Cory’s arrival.  We do have a reasonable handle on our tasks and expect to be open for March 1st.

Speaking of opening, we need more people to join our growing team! We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • front counter staff
  • receptionist
  • labourer
  • small engine mechanic

Please visit www.saulteau.com/employment for more information about the roles and how to apply.


Elsewhere on the Mistahiya front, it looks like our fuel cardlock will be up and running in a few more weeks. We look forward to sending out an announcement on the opening of Atooskee soon.

One more tidbit - Jesse is working on organizing a large Zoom info meeting coming to a screen near you as soon as we can.  Admittedly, our focus has been on opening the store, which has taken more effort than we expected.  But hey, we are on track to open a store that all of us can be proud!


Welcome to 2021.


The team at Mistahiya