Chief & Council COVID-19 Update

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Chief & Council
COVID-19 Update

This is a public reminder that as COVID numbers continue to increase in our region, we need to be extra cautious and mindful of the current global situation. Please continue to wear a mask in public spaces, physically distance, and wash your hands frequently.

We must work together to overcome this challenging time. If you have been advised to self-isolate by a health authority, it is crucial that you respectfully do so to protect those around you. Even if asymptomatic, you may be a carrier and infect others more vulnerable than yourself. If you are not following guidelines, they are enforceable under the Public Health Act. Under the Government’s Emergency Program Act, orders may be enforceable by law, including RCMP involvement. People who do not follow these orders could face fines.

If you are experiencing any symptoms, regardless of how minor, please stay home, monitor your symptoms, and complete the COVID-19 Self-Assessment to determine whether you require a test. We are asking for community cooperation and participation in ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

Thank you,

Chief and Council