COVID-19 Reminder

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If you are cleared by Northern Health but still experiencing symptoms, please stay home!


Due to the increasing numbers of COVID cases in the area and in BC as a whole, we are implementing the following procedures as a precautionary measure to protect the staff and community of SFN.

  • Masks will be mandatory in all SFN public buildings in public areas.
  • Any staff that can work from home, please do so.
  • Anyone who does not mask up will not be allowed entry to the building.
  • Mandatory hand sanitizing will be required upon entry and exit of all public places.
  • No gatherings of more than six people in any area in SFN public buildings and the area must be large enough to accommodate the six feet social distancing as mandated by the provincial and federal governments.
  • In person meetings in offices and buildings will be postponed at this time.

All staff and community members will be expected to comply. 


As Council, we have assessed the threat of this virus and the spread and have concluded that if staff fall ill due to COVID, the services to the community would be greatly compromised and it is our goal to protect this community and mitigate the spread of the virus as much as is possible.


For the community to protect themselves and others, community members must adhere to the following:

  • maintaining of small family circles,
  • refraining from parties and close social interactions,
  • reducing outside contact by minimizing social interactions in public place outside of SFN,


We all have a responsibility to ourselves and to one another to ensure the safety of all.  It is everyone’s responsibility to do their part to ensure that we keep our community functioning and safe.  Irresponsible actions could easily result in irreparable losses to this community.

It is the responsibility and duty of each one of us to do our part, Chief and Council alone cannot protect you if you do not protect yourselves.