Pandemic Notice of Eligibility for Assisted Telephone Voting
Effective immediately, only staff and students will be permitted to enter the SFN Band hall.
This is an update from your leadership regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.
Special Announcement from Chief and Council-New Cultural Center to be built!
Due to Covid-19 the SFN offices remain closed to the general public. We are monitoring BC’s regulations and restrictions while continuing to practice social distancing. SFN Members are still able to call and make arrangements to come in and pay rent, internet and propane. All departments are currently accommodating members…
The program is designed to allow the First Nations insight to the Natural Resource Sector in BC on compliance oversight and relationship building through direct contact to the Ministries involved in the program.
We were very pleased to finally be able to sign the Caribou Partnership Agreement with the Federal and Provincial governments along with West Moberly First Nations on February 21, 2020.
Notice from Chief and Council
Chief and Council's response to the COVID-19 pandemic 
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