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Safe House Worker *Live-in Position*

The purpose of this position is to have a person onsite and readily available to intake clients on short notice and provide a safe and secure residential environment. The Safe House Manager would be expected to live in the facility and maintain the safety and cleanliness of the household. The applicant must have confidence in dealing with sensitive situations, the ability to run a crisis line and help arrange for assistance from first responders. When not in the house, the worker will be on call and expected to arrange for coverage with their supervisor.

Scope/ Responsibilities

• Supervising resident activities, entries, and exits
• Monitoring video surveillance equipment
• Walking the perimeter of the facility during shifts
• Monitoring residents and guests on the premises
• Conducting appropriate facility and room searches as needed in accordance with applicable guidelines
• Reporting situations of concern to the on-call supervisor and or emergency personnel as required
• Monitors, secures, and logs resident’s medications
• Documents incidents and/or violations by residents and other activity as required in accordance with applicable guidelines
• Arranges for drug and alcohol testing and record keeping as required in accordance with applicable guidelines
• Answers the telephone in the security office
• Documents residents’ belongings upon move-in and move out as part of the intake process
• Attends periodic house manager meetings and/or team meetings
• Keeps household in clean, working order so it is ready to intake personnel on a short notice
• Performs other duties as assigned
• Ensuring intake personnel abide by the Safe House’s Client Contract and Conditions of stay


• High school diploma, GED, or Post-Secondary Education
• Experience working with sensitive situations and/or at-risk population considered an asset
• Education or experience in Human Services, Social Services, or Psychology preferred
• Experience working with domestic violence victims and survivors
• Willing to take necessary training such as: crisis intervention, critical incident training, case management, and victims of trauma

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Knowledge and experience of First Nations community and culture
• Excellent communication skills, conflict management skills, and ability to set and maintain boundaries
• Must be reliable, punctual, and able to document/log information timely and accurately
• Must be willing to work with a diverse group of people respectfully and in a non-judgemental manner
• Ability to manage a household, keeping it clean, tidy and kept; therefore, applicant must be in good physical health
• Maintains confidentiality at all times

Personal attributes

• Strong moral principles and moral uprightness
• Be honest, trustworthy, respectful and kind
• Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity
• Ability to build trust, serve as a positive role model and maintain confidentiality

Additional Info

  • Position Start Date: Wednesday, 22 January 2020
  • Position Type: Permanent
  • Expected Hours: Full Time
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