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2020 Chief Election

The imposition of the Indian Act electoral system undermined a tradition of self-governance that had existed effectively for thousands of years. The imposed system displaced traditional political structures and did not reflect, consider or honour First Nation needs or values. It also did not recognize that each Nation had its own style of governance with specialized skills, tools, authority and capacity developed over centuries. It was designed for assimilation – to remake traditional cultures in the image of the colonizers.

Core Purpose
The purpose of the Saulteau First Nations Chief and Council is to act on behalf of Saulteau First Nations
Citizens and protect their Treaty 8 Rights and Aboriginal Rights and Title.

Chief and Council, as leaders of the Saulteau First Nations, are committed to working together to govern
the Nation and to preserve the cultural and traditional values, and support the health and prosperity of
all Citizens and future generations.

Chief and Council will abide by certain values, codes and ethics when acting on behalf of Saulteau First
Nations and its Citizens:
• Maintain a consistent focus on the wellness, best interests and priorities of the Saulteau First
• Support and accept the involvement of all Citizens;
• Respect and work to enhance and preserve the cultural heritage, language, and traditions;
• Protect Treaty 8 and Aboriginal Rights and Title;
• Respect various perspectives, opinions and beliefs;
• Wisely and sustainably use a variety of resources to achieve the goals of Saulteau First Nations;
• Act as leaders in a manner that honours the principles of:
   - Honour (Hope, Respect, Faith, Love)
   -  Family (Kinship, Good Child Rearing; Ultimate Protection, Cleanliness)
   - Mentorship (Sharing, Humility, Obedience)
   - Self Discipline (Strength, Happiness, Thankfulness)
   - Self Sufficiency
• Protect the safety of all Saulteau First Nations’ Citizens and their right to feel safe in their homes
and in the Community.

Mission Statement
Chief and Council will provide the leadership needed for Saulteau First Nations to be the Best Governed
Nation. A Nation that is proud, culturally strong and self-sufficient. As stewards of the land, Chief and
Council will ensure that the best sustainable practices are followed, now and in the future.

Additional Info

  • Event Start Date: Thursday, 23 April 2020
  • Event Start Time: 12-9
  • Event End Date: Saturday, 25 April 2020
  • Event End Time: 9-12