Flu Vaccines and Feedback

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Your feedback is valuable. Here's an update from our Community Health Nurse, Heather Lirette.



Hello Saulteau Community Members! 

As you’re all aware, SFN has been limiting the entrance of clients into offices for quite some time because we need to slow the spread of COVID-19. For this reason we are unable to do things inside like we normally do. I had to find another way to vaccinate the community – or cancel vaccines altogether. So I have been doing them through the window.

I know that there are issues with privacy and I know that it is getting colder each day. I hear your concerns loud and clear and I absolutely understand where they are coming from. I am glad that you feel you can come to me with your honest feedback.  


In response to what I have heard from you, I have come up with a solution that I think will cover everyone’s needs. 

From here on I am going to do the flu vaccines in the following way:
Anyone who comes for a vaccine from now on will be allowed to enter the Health Centre porch and get it there. You’ll be warm and you’ll have privacy. You can wait your 15 minutes in there, or you can wait in your vehicle if you would like. I can easily disinfect this small area between each client.  Please remember that you won’t be allowed to come further inside the health center to visit or to use the bathroom. 

It is my hope that this new method better meets the needs of everyone and I do welcome input – both for and against. 


I have times set aside to give flu shots on the following dates and times: 

  • November 16, 3:00-6:00 (school children and those who are absolutely unable to come during the day)
  • November 18, all day

Anyone wanting to come during these times must contact Ashely Gauthier at (250) 788-7258 for an appointment. Anyone wanting a pneumonia vaccine as well can discuss their eligibility with me during the visit.  We can easily do both vaccines at the same time – one in each arm. If you can’t make either of these dates I will make other dates available as well.  You can get the flu vaccine any time during the winter. 

Those with problems getting around have either been visited and given the flu vaccine, offered the flu vaccine and refused, or weren’t home and will be contacted again and visited later on to see if they would like another visit.  The elders are at the top of my priority list and ONLY those who can’t walk well are visited.  (Anyone who doesn’t own a car is not offered this service)

Anyone wishing to contact me, please call me directly at (250) 788-7371 and please leave a message or I won’t know you called.

Thank you,

Heather Lirette,
Community Health Nurse